Kerala JavaScript user group

September meetup

Hello Everyone,

Our september meetup is happening on 27th(Saturday) at MobME.

When: Saturday, September 27, 2PM to 5PM

2.00 - Introduction
2.30 - Discussion on plans for 1st anniversary.
3.15 - Testing with Mocha by Revath S Kumar
4.00 - Networking break / Tea time!
4.30 - Flash Talks

Venue Address:
MobME Wireless Solutions Ltd.,
41/3197, Fourth Floor,
Bhageeratha Square,
Kacherippady, Cochin – 682018.

Route Map:


Thanks everyone for making this a great event. Hope everyone enjoyed the sessions.

The meetup started with the introduction of KeralaJS to the new attendees. Then went on to Akhil Stanislavose's talk on Variadic function. This talk was actually not listed in the meetup announcement. So for most of us it was a surprise. In his session, Akhil gave an in-depth idea of variadic functions, functions which takes any number of arguments and specialties of arguments object.

After the networking break, Revath S Kumar talked on Unit testing with mocha. In that he explained about how to get started with testing JavaScript.

Then we had a discussion, in which Praveen Sridhar introduced IndieWeb and POSSE to us. Overall the event was fun and informative as always. Looking forwared to the next month meetup.

We would like to thank MobME Wireless for hosting the event and Akhil Stanislavose for setting things up for us.


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