Kerala JavaScript user group

About KeralaJS

KeralaJS is a JavaScript user group and developer community from God's own country. Our goal is to *be* the platform for JavaScript and front-end developers to connect, network and share their experiences. We'll have monthly meetups and occational events mainly focusing on JavaScript and different front-end technologies. Developers, JavaScript enthusiasts and Students are welcome!


This meetup is run by the JavaScript community in Kerala. So it's not really important to mention any names. But just in case you wanna get in touch with someone who is working behind this, you can approach the following guys.

Shameer C
me [et] shameerc [.] com

Revath S Kumar

Nikhil Ben Kuruvila

Rahul Ramesh

Akhil Stanislavose


KeralaJS is on Twitter @KeralaJS, Facebook and Google Groups